Case Study




Underground Fleet Management Organisation.


Xenco was engaged to address the challenges related to monitoring underground fleet performance and to provide a comprehensive solution that enabled performance optimisation across individual and site-level fleets.


The existing system lacked a clear line of sight into the activities of the fleet, leaving the maintenance manager with the arduous task of manually collecting and analysing data once a month, making it difficult to gain timely and actionable insights. Further, closing performance gaps and optimising fleet performance was crucial to the client, given the significant costs associated with the large underground fleet gear. Key challenges faced were:

  • Available data was basic
  • Absence of trend analysis
  • Limited internal knowledge and skills in data and reporting practices
  • Multiple stakeholders requiring different reports
  • Limited views of data periods

Our aim was to eliminate manual and time-intensive processes by implementing a solution that provided real-time visibility into individual and site-level mobile fleet performance. Our goal was to close performance gaps by utilising reliable data, provide multiple reporting capabilities, and empower the client to independently manage and leverage the system’s capacity.

This was delivered over two phases.

Phase One:

  • Formulate and implement solution logic to accommodate the unique attributes of diverse systems, minimising the potential for human errors
  • Create interactive dashboards capable of dynamic filtering
  • Deliver comprehensive client training enabling independent system management

Phase two:

  • Design and build algorithms to automatically pull in data across multiple business systems
  • Connect the solution to the required data sources
  • Build live performance dashboards

Our solution empowered the client to independently utilise the tool for improved fleet management and cost efficiency. It provided comprehensive monitoring, trend analysis, and reporting capabilities, enabling the client to close performance gaps and make data-driven decisions. It also freed the maintenance manager from timely report generation activities, allowing more time for effective decision making.

Our solution improved operations for the client in several key areas.

“The integration of the Power BI analytics into our reporting process saved us many hours of data manipulation and gave us the ability to interrogate the fleet performance far more comprehensively.’’
– Management