Case Study



We delivered a strategic and tactical employee engagement plan to support a well-communicated and procedurally fair Enterprise Agreement voting process, against an ambitious timeline.


Underground Metals Mine, Australia.


Our client required support to establish both a strategic and tactical plan to engage their workforce of approximately 200 employees for an upcoming Enterprise Agreement vote against an ambitious timeline. This extended to include:

  • Providing a strategic and tactical plan for workforce engagement;
  • Coaching of key leaders on engagement activities;
  • Development of engagement materials; and,
  • Developing consistent messaging for the workforce and their representatives.

To deliver a fit-for-purpose solution, our Xenco consultants:

  • Engaged with the senior leadership group to understand organisational priorities and leadership capabilities.
  • Understood the industrial relations objectives and developed plans to drive organisational transformation through the enterprise agreement strategy.
  • Developed and deployed the tactical plan to ensure engagement activities were timely and responsive to emerging issues.
  • Established routines, communication channels and materials for engagement.
  • Coached leaders to adopt a balanced and effective engagement approach with all employees.


  • Procedurally fair and successful vote outcome for the Enterprise Agreement at the first attempt, allowing business to refocus energy back into running the operation.
  • A structured and auditable process for employee engagement.
  • Frameworks established as a basis to be used for ongoing workforce engagement.
  • Improved capability of leaders to effectively engage with work groups.


“To have support by a consultancy group that understands the industry and is experienced in delivering best practice solutions for engagement during our agreement making process made a real difference in achieving our outcome. Xenco took the time to understand our business and the environment then develop a plan to meet our needs, having the same team support the leaders to execute the engagement activities and being agile to respond to changing needs was of real value for us.”
– Site Leadership