Case Study





North American Gold Producer


Xenco was engaged to provide asset management and maintenance support, facilitating the improvement of fixed plant maintenance for a North American Gold Producer. The approach was to engage a tailored solution that drives safe, cost-effective, pragmatic, and scalable outcomes.


Xenco was asked to investigate the maintenance opportunities to develop a defined, prioritised and robust improvement plan which addresses the key challenges:

  • Managing and mitigating risks effectively across operations.
  • Establishing and maintaining execution discipline to ensure a stable platform for decision-making.
  • Ensuring long-term stability amidst evolving operational demands.
  • Align system hygiene practices to support prioritisation and reduce unnecessary activities.
  • Optimise equipment performance and reliability under operational conditions.
  • Minimising the impact of business changes in a rapidly transforming environment.



Our approach embraced a thorough strategy emphasizing cost management, proactive handling of risks, and systematic execution. Our team operated with a clear focus on efficiency and safety to ensure fulfillment of project goals in various aspects of the project.

The approach outlines the various scenarios that enable the implementation of rapidly realized benefits, long-term stability, and the overall reduction of risk:

  • a deep dive into the established outputs of the ‘First 30 days” assessment as undertaken by the site Leadership Group.
  • identification and formulation of key initiatives to support improvement of assessing asset and maintenance management maturity and reviewing business integration across systems and processes.
  • a workshop with key stakeholders to review findings, prioritise opportunities and agree initiatives.
  • obtaining agreement pertaining to key stakeholders and reporting routines.
  • approval of the improvement plan, and execution of the improvement program (PMO) to ensure priorities for all work streams to provide clients with confidence around transparency of resource utilisation.

Workstreams that were assessed were: Mine Planning, Mining, Asset Management, Processing, and Cost Drivers.


The team achieved significant tangible improvements in all areas of fixed plant maintenance. Their success also led to strengthening the client relationship and securing an additional scope in a new operational area.

“The project team demonstrated exceptional teamwork, successfully integrating various departments and expertise to achieve project objectives”
– Management