Case Study





Australian Steelworks Operation


Xenco was engaged to provide a team of resources to act as part of an integrated owners team to deliver a range of critical infrastructure projects for an Australian Steelworks. The primary objective was to deliver seamless production, mitigate risks, and maintain the structural integrity of the aging plant.


Throughout the project, the team successfully managed various challenges, demonstrating their effective handling of complexity and achievement of project success.

  • Cost controls due to the number of SIMOPS, operations engagement, and breakdowns of the adjacent plant.
  • Commissioning and installation of works within time limitations.
  • Ensuring the structural integrity of assets.
  • Managing scope creep throughout the project life.
  • Complying with local environmental legislation.
  • Divers working adjacent to running pumps.

Our team included engineering, cost, and delivery resources to cover all aspects of the project lifecycle. They adopted a comprehensive approach focused on cost controls, proactive risk management, and methodical execution.

Our approach was driven by a commitment to efficiency, safety, and adherence to project objectives across diverse scenarios:

  • Cost Controls: Implementing rigorous daily progress tracking, SIMOPS management, contractor supervision, and proactive maintenance to ensure budget adherence.
  • Risk Mitigation: Conducting collaborative risk assessments, implementing regular progress meetings, engaging additional resources when needed, and maintaining flexibility to adapt to unforeseen challenges.
  • Methodical Execution: Developing systematic methodologies with robust risk controls.



By implementing robust project controls supported by the execution expertise of the Xenco team, the project Statement of Work (SoW) was delivered on time and under budget. The team was able to achieve notable results in a major project where activity was completed six weeks ahead of schedule and ~10% under budget, achieved by implementing disciplined routines and constructive collaboration with key stakeholders.


“Through implementing disciplined routines and positive engagement with key stakeholders, the project was delivered six weeks ahead of schedule and ~10% under budget.”
– Management