Case Study

Case Study



Proactive improvement plans are essential in optimising asset management performance and operational sustainability.


Complex processing plant installation for a Tier 1 multinational mining company, remote French speaking territory


Site was suffering from poor maintenance discipline resulting in low equipment availability and high costs. The department lacked maintenance foundational systems, including poor master data, planning, reliability and execution processes.

  • Rapidly implemented maintenance strategies and tactics
  • Identified and introduced key maintenance roles across departments to foster accountability and a culture of change
  • Implemented standardised KPI reporting aligned methods to increase visibility of asset performance
  • Introduced disciplined rhythms and routines to align to asset and production performance objectives
  • Implemented a coaching and mentoring program to increase awareness of asset management and maintenance principles
  • Aligned roles, reasonability and time horizons to ensure control and stability of asset management and maintenance system


  • Streamlined organisational structure and processes delivering a proactive asset management and maintenance culture
  • Roles and responsibilities mapped and defined supported by coaching and mentoring program
  • Through the implementation of Xenco processes, 8900 obsolete work orders were addressed, reducing the uncontrolled work order backlog from 16,208 to 6,732, with implemented processes ensuring backlog management and control
  • Increased System Resource Availability from less than 800 per week to over 5,000 planned resource hours, including contractors
  • Increased schedule loading from 16% to 89% ensuring controlled management of all maintenance activities
“The Xenco team was professional, diligent and consistent in their ability to achieve results at a high standard. They were highly knowledgeable and experienced in the subject matter and were able to seamlessly work as effective members of our team. Additionally, Xenco was able to rapidly mobilise their team and were flexible in their approach to meet our requirements.”