Case Study




International mining client.


Xenco was engaged by an international mining client to align maintenance training programs with the specific needs of their operations, ensuring program graduates met workplace competency requirements. Additionally, the client aimed to standardize their training to international norms and gain global recognition.

  • Program complexity and standardization across seven trades in two locations that needed alignment with international standards.
  • High turnover and short-term competency among maintenance staff.
  • The need to develop and implement programs to quickly address short-term competency requirements.
  • Competency gaps among staff.
  • Limited coaching resources, requiring the use of specialist coaches and expatriate maintainers.
  • Limited site or plant experience of trainers.
  • Lack of Governance over the training function, leading to variations in standards used.

The Xenco team used their extensive industry and onsite experience to execute:

  • Comprehensive Review
    • Analyze existing site maintenance training programs.
    • Evaluate training and assessment processes.
    • Assess the suitability and utilization of facilities and resources.
    • Review alignment of programs with site equipment and processes.
    • Examine program administration, management, and governance.
    • Conduct competency assessments for current trainees and trainers.
  • Benchmark Selection
    • Select one international program as the benchmark for the site’s training program
  • Mapping Process
    • Complete a detailed mapping process between the current training programs and the selected international benchmark.
    • Identify gaps between the existing and new programs.
  • Strategy Development
    • Develop a strategy for implementing the required changes.
    • Include change management recommendations to ensure a smooth transition
  • Training Plan Development
    • Utilize the results of the program mapping process and existing trainee competency assessments to develop detailed training plans.
    • Align these training plans with the required standard to ensure competency among existing trainees.

The client commenced the strategic change management process recommendations resulting in:

  • Adoption of a comprehensive international trade training standard
    • Sourcing and implementing multiple maintenance training programs aligned to the new standard.
    • Extending the duration of each program to ensure adequate competency development.
    • Upgrading facilities and resources to meet new standards and increased training requirements.
    • Aligning existing trainers and trainees to the new programs.
    • Recruiting over 140 new trainees to complete these programs.
  • Implementation of a shorter trade related training program (skill set of a full trade program) to meet the short term needs of the business.
  • Establishment of governance standards for the training function across the site.